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Lynn, daughter of The Crow.

After the Earth was destroyed, humans moved to space stations called “Hives” which were being built by the Government since the last years of the 21th century. Well, not all of them. Many groups of scientists against the Government decided to live in their own spaceships, but as they couldn’t get food or other stuff needed to survive, they began to steal it from the Hives, then they decided to steal more valuable things, like some kind of space pirates. The Government captured and killed most of them after 5 years, but a few pirates survived. People living in the human space stations haven’t heard about them in nearly 20 years, until now.

Lynn’s father is called The Crow because he’s never been seen wearing any other color apart from black and his crew only attacks the weakest Hives. Lynn is his only child, the one he had with his beloved Norah, who disappeared soon after she gave birth. The girl has never been outside his father’s spaceship and she’s in charge of hacking the Government systems, so they can steal from them the information and supplies they need.

This is what my brain does when I can’t sleep.

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